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Dave Don’t Do Sums

In the run-up to today’s biggest industrial action since 1926, the main public sector union in Scotland—Unison—wheeled out its biggest gun. No less than General Secretary Dave Watson went to press and blogosphere to argue that Council pension funds across … Continue reading

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Twae Loons + A Quine

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Food for Open Minds

Just in from this year’s John P. Macintosh memorial lecture in the University of Edinburgh’s magnificent Playfair Library. After Rhodri Morgan’s typically barnstorming lecture last year on Wales as a Celtic Bermuda Triangle again kept the bar high, this year’s … Continue reading

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British Army of the Forth

I found myself in new social territory yesterday. I attended the usual Remembrance Day service in North Berwick with my Rear Admiral councillor colleague. We hustled along to the war memorial to take the salute and found the dais that had … Continue reading

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Britannia Waives the Rules

This season of remembering the sacrifices of previous generations in the defence of their country is no bad time to consider the state of forces currently defending these islands. We are constantly told how Scotland benefits on the world stage from … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

No matter what FIFA says, it seems entirely appropriate for all of us to remember those who served in the British armed forces and most especially those who returned home disabled or who did not return home at all. For … Continue reading

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Build Communities, Not Commuters

I woke this morning to Good Morning Scotland extolling the virtues of East Lothian Council and its house buy-back programme. My colleague Cllr. Stuart Currie was on being interviewed on why this was a good idea and was backed up … Continue reading

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No Wonder We Feel Foreign

Right in the middle of Guy Fawkes season, I have just been rummaging in the further reaches of Westminster procedures and so appalled by what I keep coming up with that I increasingly believe Guy’s had a bum deal down … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Radical!

Recent discussion on “the end of PC” has actually been about the demise of the personal computer. But a recent post passed on to me jolted me into thinking that we’re a little too smug with our implementation of political … Continue reading

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No’ As Green…

…as they’re cabbage-lookin’. Yet another of my gran’s pithy observations nails the whole series of naysayers who have tripped over their faces this week to do down Scotland’s future as a centre of renewable energy excellence. It is suspicious that … Continue reading

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