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The Real Britain

This is a reblog. I had been getting increasingly steamed up on the theme that this whole independence debate pivots around the wrong topic. At its root, it is NOT about what the Scots think of Scotland: it’s about what … Continue reading

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Politician: Heal Thyself

Just now, most people are preoccupied with enjoyed the feasts and bounty of the festive season; many of the rest are simply puzzling how to pay for their end of it. As a result, this may not be the best … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

As is its repeated wont, the massive EIS union has waded out into deep political waters well over its head by pressuring the Scottish Government to make all school meals free for pupils in the first three years of primary … Continue reading

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What’s Right with This Picture?

RealEdinburgh’s beautiful winter early morning shot of East Lothian from Blackford Hill is yet another demonstration why so many of us enjoy living in this part of the world. But… …this is not the exact original view: this shot has … Continue reading

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Boosting The Burgh

Ask anyone within a stone’s throw of the River Esk (once its two halves have joined and found their way out of Dalkeith Country Park) and they will be in no doubt about what is meant by “The Burgh”. Most … Continue reading

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Winding Us All Up

After being trailed over the preceding weeks so much, there was little that was actually new to report when Osborne made his Autumn Statement last week. Most reporting was on the jousting of the Osborne/Balls protagonists in delivering/rubbishing it. (A … Continue reading

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Oh, The Farmer and The Planner Should Be Friends ♫

This blog isn’t about to break out into Oklahoma-inspired song about how “one of ’em milks a cow with ease; the other steals his planning fees” but, as in the original musical, “that’s no reason why they can’t be friends”. … Continue reading

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Fur Coat and Nae Knickers

Seldom can HM Government have been so embarrassed to spend so much and yet be so accurately pilloried for its inefficacy than in Angus Robertson MP, Defence Spokesman and SNP Group Leader at Westminster’s speech on December 3rd. The UK … Continue reading

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I Was Proceeding in a Festive Direction

Today, I received the following e-mail from the Police Scotland commander of my local council’s patch. While undoubtedly sincere in wishing to help us locals enjoy a mishap-free festive season, in its dogged effort to cover all the bases, it … Continue reading

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Garbage In—Garbage Out

It’s not often that techies invent a buzzword but when ‘FIFO’ (the technical term for a serial data buffering device in a computer—first in, first out) was bent into GIGO, a new OED term was born to mean the quality … Continue reading

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