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And Answer Came There None

Not wishing to flatter myself, I would hope, after almost 8,000 tweets and over 630 blogs, that I am known in the smallish hothouse of political social media in Scotland and, despite some lively querying and debate, that I play … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on Labour’s Devolution Commission

(I have my own disappointments at what Johann Lamont announced as Labour’s offering to Scotland, should we choose ‘No’ in September and Labour wins the 2015. Indeed, the ‘Devo Plus’ option was one that I argued should be on the … Continue reading

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On Yer Bike

With crocuses pretty much done and daffodils coming on like a billion smiles, Spring is here, which means Walk to School Week can’t be far away. Although these pages have seen little on this topic, it is one on which … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years of Desuetude

With apologies to Señor Gabriel Garcia Marques for abusing his title, the next thousand words seek to examine the assertions coming from Philip Hammond, his MoD minions and his boss David Cameron that Scotland would be far safer and able … Continue reading

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This Septic Isle

Last week’s Scottish Tory Conference virtually frothed with discussion about what they were going to do for Scotland—once their deluded countrypersons had seen the light and consigned Independence to the bin for toxic waste, come September. Ruth made a competent … Continue reading

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Redefining Security and Intelligence in an independent Scotland

Originally posted on A Thousand Flowers:
A Guest Post by Cosmopolitan Scum Military and intelligence stories have been all over the news recently. Be it indiscriminate eavesdropping programs, WMD infrastructure, or our impending doom at the hands of terrorists if…

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Is This an Economic Argument or the Full Half-Hour?

Now that the indy debate has devolved from professionals to real people it has become muddier. All sorts of voices are chiming in with their two cents’ worth—as it should be. But over the last month as the babble has … Continue reading

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Better Together? Aye, Right

Now that the independence debate has broken out of the ghetto of late-night-current-affairs  programmes and heated up and with the UK Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet weighing in—along with CEO’s of major Scottish companies—it’s a good time to look at the … Continue reading

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Kissinger on Ukraine

Published in the Washington Post on March 5th 2014, the attached article was written by Henry A. Kissinger under the title How the Ukraine crisis ends. He was US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977 and, as such, received … Continue reading

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Mebbies Aye; Mebbies Naw

Knox Academy is the high school serving East Lothian’s county town of Haddington and named after its pulpit-thundering son John Knox, would-be nemesis of Mary Queen of Scots and her “monstrous regiment of women”. Well to the fore again today … Continue reading

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