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Target Practice

In cutting my teeth on active politics twenty years ago, my unwitting mentor was John Macnair, a crusty, iconic businessman-cum-farmer, whom I had known for a long time because I had gone to school with his two sons. John stepped down … Continue reading

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Gathering Nuts in May

So, it’s the final stretch. I have avoided blogging about the upcoming local election partly because I have an interest in it and partly because the great majority of normal people don’t. It doesn’t matter that they should; it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Auld Acquaintance:
I commented yesterday about the lack of any evidence of Alex Salmond behaving inappropriately or corresponding improperly with Murdoch. Assumption and allegation of impropriety based on nothing but speculation are worthless, particularly when there is…

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Lions Led by Donkeys

Now that the Scotland Bill has passed its final hurdle today and will become law within a matter of weeks, we Scots can expect to be enjoined by a kaleidoscope of unionists to appreciate the multifarious benefits of that union. … Continue reading

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Camlachie Lassie

As a politician of 13 years experience in both parliaments and having demonstrated in that time that she is no numpty, the current Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Margaret Curran MP should be able to hold her own. That … Continue reading

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Recycled Rubbish

Sad case that I am, while on-line yesterday entering canvass results, the TV that shares my desk was tuned—like a junkie who can’t get enough—to Scottish Questions on BBC Parliament. This one was from April 18th, but I had to … Continue reading

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I’m All Right, Jock

Peter Sellers fans—and readers already carrying a bus pass—may recall his merciless portrayal of “bruvvah” Fred Kite and his heroic antics at preventing upper-class twit Ian Carmichael from inadvertently causing efficiency among the work force of a munitions factory in … Continue reading

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The Innumerati

This week, it appears that Ed Milliband has finally succeeded in doing what he has clearly been desperate to do for months—seize the political agenda. He did this by proposing something daring and radical and which must therefore run against … Continue reading

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Operation SOS Puffin

Even in as delightful a place to live as East Lothian, people get into the usual habits of life. As we zip from home to work to shop and then off to evening class or golf course or pub, we … Continue reading

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Economic with the Argument

Some of my more volatile colleagues have come close to seizure with this weekend’s issue of The Economist, whose cover carries a waspish map of ‘Skintland’ and whose densely packed articles include a record three that discuss Scotland. Having been … Continue reading

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