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R.A.S. Puttin

The first anniversary of Putin’s “Special Military Operation” to envelop Ukraine back in the arms of Mother Russia has been the focus of much media attention. However, most of it has focussed on plucky and resolute Ukraine and the unexpected … Continue reading

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In the Nicola of Time?

Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to step down as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the SNP took everyone by surprise, including most of her Cabinet. At a hastily called press conference in Bute House, she explained that having given ither all … Continue reading

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Out of Steppe

By late January this year, Ukraine’s President Zelensky had realised bountiful Western aid, on which his country depends for survival, would not keep flowing if significant amounts of it wound up lining private offshore accounts. He has therefore stepped up … Continue reading

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Na Zapad vs. Drang Nach Osten*

(*To the West (Rus) vs. Urge to the East (Ger)) There has been much wringing of hands on both sides of the Ukraine war over the matter of the West supplying modern battle tanks to Ukraine. These are to offset … Continue reading

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