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Speaking Loudly & Carrying the Wrong Stick

“Speak softly…and carry a big stick” —Harry Truman on US Foreign Pol;icy On April 14th, President Joe Biden announced that by September 11th the United States will withdraw the remaining 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. After 20 years, in which 2,488 … Continue reading

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Qui Docet Magistros? *

(* Who Teaches the Teachers?) The AS Report Despite the cacophony of political hounds baying for Nicola Sturgeon’s blood for “misleading parliament” over Alec Salmond, they did squeeze in a debate about education in Scotland on the last day before … Continue reading

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The Better Part of Valour

There is a glossary of terms in Appendix 1 A year later than planned the UK Government published a strategic paper Global Britain in a Competitive Age’ On its heels, came a supporting paper Defence in a Competitive Age, which … Continue reading

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