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Those Who Don’t Learn from History…

…are doomed to repeat it.” (Burke) It can be hard to discern key turning points in history as they happen, especially when centuries of tradition and inertia colour viewpoints. But we are coming up to the 70th anniversary of what … Continue reading

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Another BRIC in the Wall

From Scotland’s fausse freends like Moore, Murphy and Mundell an unending drone of unsubstantiated guff about all that Scotland benefits from its union wafts north of the border. Its volume and stamp of officialdom beguiles many genuinely uncommitted people to … Continue reading

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A Peter Rabbit Version (for Unionists & Other Beginners)

As I was about to say yesterday when Nick Clegg’s transatlantic ego pushed me off course, there are a number of people in Scotland to whom the motives—let alone the aims—of the SNP are suspect. There has been (as Mr … Continue reading

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