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Dominie Dominoes

War may not have broken out in Scottish schools quite yet but Michael Gove’s caricature of the annoying swot who used to get beat up behind the bike shed is pushing things that way South of the Border. As the … Continue reading

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The Helo Now Standing…

…on Platform 6 3/4 is the 20:15 gravy train for Bristow. Not content with ‘outsourcing’ the UK’s impeccable air/sea rescue services to the private sector, the Condem government, with almost endearingly flatfoot timing, chooses to do so on the 50th … Continue reading

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Indienomics for the Feart—I

Much huffing and puffing surrounded last week’s budget with this blog’s prize for bare-faced effrontery going to Alasdair Darling for his cool rendition of the ever-popular “it-wisnae-me:—a-big-boy-did-it-and-ran-away” classic. Rather than rehearse the subtleties (or lack thereof) whether Ed has more … Continue reading

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An Apple a Day

Guest Blog from Christina Bonnington of Wired Magazine (Twitter @redgirlsays) Can the iPad Rescue a Struggling American Education System? Matthew Stoltzfus could never get his students to see chemistry like he sees chemistry until he added a digital component to … Continue reading

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It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Some eight month ago, a blog called “Like Wolves at Lambing” cited a number of diverse sources all, at the time, agreeing that it wasn’t just an economic but a moral malaise that had gripped the country. While yesterday’s budget … Continue reading

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Pushing the Patch

Though we’ve reached the Equinox, it surely feels like a long road to the end of winter. Normally dry East Lothian is underwater with its roads and fields flooded after a week of intermittent rain, capped by two days of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Burdz Eye View:
I read Alistair Darling’s essay for Scotland on Sunday on the benefits of the Union early yesterday morning and key passages gnawed away at me all day. The final part of a very…

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King Coal Grinds to a Halt?

Friday wasn’t just the Ides of March; it was also the last day of operation for Scottish Power’s Cockenzie power station, seen variously as the last holdout of Scotland’s age of mighty manufacturing, or as a horribly visible eyesore, or … Continue reading

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An Eventful Day

It is a delight that East Lothian now has its own university and a shame that I take so little advantage of that fact. But on Tuesday, I took an opportunity to sit in on Prof. Joe Goldblatt’s class on … Continue reading

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Mining the Chalk Face

Monday saw the publication of a report much anticipated in parts of the education fraternity but which largely went unnoticed by anyone else. This is a pity. The independent think tanks CSPP and Reform Scotland had joined forces to create a … Continue reading

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