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But They Shall Be Free

However Scots feel about the more peaceful Union made some 400 years later, the long fight to resist absorption into and all-conquering Edward I’s empire threw up some of our greatest heroes and forged what has since remained the Scots … Continue reading

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If It Wisnae fer Yer Wellies

This has been a bad week in a bad year across Britain for flooding. Despite an early drought in England, the volume of rain has more than caught up with the average and flood defences across England have been overwhelmed. … Continue reading

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Getting the Message

As a few blogs have tried to explain over the last few weeks, the election ‘across the pond’ in America is, as Bones might have put it “politics, Jim—but not as we know it”. Therefore it was helpful to discover … Continue reading

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Kenny Cannae Ca’ Canny

I like Kenny Macaskill. Since his stint as SNP Treasurer, he has been popular across the party too as a hard worker and passionate speaker. As a lawyer, he had the appropriate background to become Justice Minister, a post he … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t We All Just People?

Just back from a month in the States (well, OK—in five of ‘em), I am overwhelmed by a blizzard of impressions that makes nonsense of my having spent a couple of decades of my life there. This time, despite my … Continue reading

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Listless People in a Land Full of Energy

Over the last forty years, one truth almost done to death but still deserving of repetition is the fact that Scotland is the only country in the world to have discovered oil and not grown rich by it. If that, … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a fan of the Americans. Not because all they do is spiffy but because they have forged a great nation out of the hopes and guts of a pile of penniless … Continue reading

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The Partisan Needs Perspective

Most observers of Scottish politics would concede that the last few weeks have proved to be rockier for the SNP Government than they have been used to. Mistakes have been made in more than one statement, resulting in a level … Continue reading

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Why No Searchlights On Titanic?

Easily the greatest maritime tragedy that can be regarded as avoidable was the 1912 sinking of the brand new White Star liner RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. Fitted to the most opulent standards of the time, no cost was … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Burdz Eye View:
But first, a word about my own.  Blogging silence has been enforced by a mystery shoulder affliction, which might be connected.  Or not.  Suffice to say, it is agony, I am a whimpering…

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