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Quis Custodiet Legis Latori?

If another smug unionist argument repeats the claim that bigger is automatically better and that we can all relax in the arms of Big British Brother, I may have to reach for the boke bag. Let’s leave aside unanswered questions … Continue reading

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Marking-Time Season

Never having been one to body-swerve touchy issues, it is nonetheless with some trepidation that this blog is dedicated to questioning the usefulness to anyone of high-profile public display of whatever your religious beliefs happens to be. While they are … Continue reading

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Century-Old Lesson Still Unlearned

Since posting The Bitter Legacy of Sykes-Picot a couple of weeks back, I have run across a couple of points substantiating the thesis therein, namely that two untraveled mandarins were ill-qualified to carve up one of the world’s great powder kegs … Continue reading

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Why Yes is the Answer III: It’s the Economy, Stupid

There is a clear case for an independent Scotland to prosper more than it has to date within the UK. I confess that I have not examined all the contrary evidence put out by HM Gubmint on its website at … Continue reading

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