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Phew! Water Scorcha!

After waiting for weeks for some weather we could fool ourselves was summer, East Lothian finally had two days of splendid stuff delivered with perfect timing over the Whitsun bank holiday weekend. In North Berwick, it was clear blue skies, … Continue reading

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Grrrr! Feck!

Of all the endeavours of government, the one that affects everyone and that for much of their lives—whether for themselves or for their children—is education. We may spend more money on health but a significant number of us never go … Continue reading

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Reassurance for the Feart

While about one third of  Scots are clear they want independence and a similar number are clear they want to stick to nurse for fear of something worse, the final third has an open mind; they are looking for some … Continue reading

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The Diseconomies of Scale

It is no surprise to seasoned nationalists that the Hootsmon is gradually ratcheting up the intensity of its doom and gloom forecasts as to how Scotland will land in the poorhouse if it has the gall to actually try to … Continue reading

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Must Justice Always Be Blind?

“The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom.”     —Aristotle Tuesday May 21st sees a meeting of Holyrood’s Justice Committee that has serious implications for how the Scottish Courts Service administers justice. As part of the Scottish … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened…

…on my way to the internet. Having an eclectic wander, as I often do, in a (frequently fruitless) search for new ideas—especially from the many sides of the independence debate, I came across the following (no, not the Zen article … Continue reading

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Best-Laid Plans O’ Mice & Mair Mice

In the magnificently ornate Surgeon’s Hall in Edinburgh, MacKay Hannah convened 50-odd professionals (oh, all right, anoraks) to discuss wur gubbermint’s out-for discussion National Planning Policy 3. The theme was the a drive towards achieving “economic growth and recovery in … Continue reading

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From Underground to On Top of the World

While East Lothian can make fair claim to the best place to live in Scotland, the ‘Hill Country’ of Gullane is the most desirable address in the county. And while there are some very fine houses on Hummel, Nisbet or … Continue reading

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Jock Tamson’s Kindergarten

I have a confession to make. Despite a lifetime of dedication to the cause of Scottish Independence, I like Douglas Alexander. Hell, I even like his sister and regret that she has gone from the mainstream of Scottish politics. Let … Continue reading

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Why Scots Should Be Fans of Farage

The results of this month’s English local elections were a shock to many and a surprise to even more. Normally barely registering on political seismographs, the discussion usually revolves around how many seats the party of UK government lost vs … Continue reading

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