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Mephistopheles Amidst Minutiae

Let’s gloss over it taking 99.7% of the 4 ½ years since the referendum to achieve what Liam Fox MP, International Trade Secretary called “The easiest deal in history”. Well, we all get over-enthusiastic sometimes. In the face of widespread … Continue reading

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The present stushie with Europe over closed borders, banned travel and half of Kent covered with lories should not come as a surprise. Not only has the UK behaved brazenly against our neighbours’ interests in asserting “sovereignty” in the teeth … Continue reading

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Deck the Malls

(Published in East Lothian Courier, Dec. 17th 2020) For most of us, this year was pants. Few have escaped disruption to work, family and social life. National media loves reprting in simplified sound-bites, repeated ad nauseam. Such ‘big picture’ views … Continue reading

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The Faslane Conundrum

Guest column by Lt. Col. S. W. Crawford (retd.), late 4th Royal Tank Regiment With support for Scottish independence at a seemingly all time high and next year’s Holyrood elections – Covid 19 permitting – in the offing, it’s little … Continue reading

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