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The Other Sceptr’d Isle I

The Problem (Part 1 of 5) With all the fuss over the Euro Final and the discussion of racism that ensued, nobody much noticed an item of non-news, a dog that did not bark in the night-time: celebrations of the … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Surer…

…the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer” runs the old song. Here are some stats to back up that equally old assertion. This blog is a lift of the series of a half-dozen tweets by Tosten Bell (@TostenBell) … Continue reading

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Fort Sumter Revisited?

One hundred and sixty years ago was a seminal date in American history. There had always been tension between states in the South and those in the North. Resentment among southern slave-owning states grew with increasing pressure from the more … Continue reading

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