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My Beautiful Laundrette-ski

Britain’s current lining up with NATO allies in indignant criticism of Putin’s claim of defensive posture for Russia seems at odds with the cosy financial relationship that has grown up since well before the collapse of the Soviet Union and … Continue reading

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На Запад! (Westward Ho!)

Squeezed between Boris Johnson gaffes and cost-of-living crises, finally UK media led with dignitaries meeting in Geneva to talk turkey over growing tension between Russia and Ukraine. This shows this matter might now receive the level of attention it merits. … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss

When President Franklin Roosevelt died in the closing months of WW2, his Vice-President of only 82 days Harry Truman assumed the office and went on to win another term in 1948. A Democrat from Missouri, Truman’s Southern origins made him … Continue reading

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Economy of Veracity (The Art of)

This week may seem the worst of Boris Johnson’s premiership, but as long ago as last April the leaders of six opposition parties penned a joint letter, accusing him of breaching the high standard of honesty demanded by both the … Continue reading

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The Road to Scindy IV—Europe As Partner

Two years after Brexit was “done”, several major loose ends remain untied, resulting in repercussions for which adequate adjustments have yet to be made. Among these are the Northern Ireland protocol, a final trade agreement, additional documentation restricting trade (especially … Continue reading

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