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The Road to Scindy II—Cunning Plan, or Planning Con?

“A high quality planning system is essential to create quality places with the homes, infrastructure and investment that people need. We are improving Scotland’s planning system, to strengthen the contribution planning can make to inclusive growth, to delivering housing and … Continue reading

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Fake News Is Nothing New

Propaganda as a means to persuade people has a long history. But it really only came into its own with the spread of newspapers and radio in the 20th century. The first to exploit mass media’s ability to spread falsehood … Continue reading

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The Road to Scindy I—Hug a Sassenach

There is a case for Scotland being a normal, independent nation that is at least as strong as the argument for it remaining within the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, in the seven years since 2014, the SNP, whose job this should … Continue reading

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Videotracks of Our Lives

Given the myriad of channels through which it is now delivered, the very dame “film” has become a misnomer, verging on the archaic. But for a century, it has been the prime means of mass communication around the globe, surviving … Continue reading

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Is It a Fair COP?

“Humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change, It is one minute to midnight to prevent catastrophe.” —Boris Johnson at COP26, November 2021 Intensifying media blanket coverage means most of us were fed up with “last-chance-saloon” mood … Continue reading

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