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Revenge Is Tweet

This author has had a Twitter presence for over a decade. It was then a lively interactive forum in which anyone who was anyone in Scottish politics had a presence and used it for informal debate and interaction. Following them … Continue reading

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Sturgeon’s Stavka

After being re-elected by the Scottish Parliament the previous day, on May 19th, Nicola Sturgeon announced the Cabinet Secretaries in her slimmed-down Cabinet tram. She likes to run a tight ship, but has realised, as many such leaders do, that … Continue reading

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Republicans Shoot the Messenger

On May 11th, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney (daughter of President “Dubya” Bush’s Vice-President_let loose a blistering broadside against the Republican leaders who have shackled the party to former president Donald Trump who, despite losing office, sixty lawsuits and access to … Continue reading

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Channeling George III

Three days after the polls opened, results are in for the 2021 elections to the Scottish Parliament. Unlike previous elections when a diversity of policies brought in a variety of parties, this result—and the tactical voting that led to it—split … Continue reading

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The Maine Line

Like it or not, America is a great country with a massive influence on both the peace and the future of the world. Though their institutionalised two-party system may seem simplistic to Europeans, it has generally served them and their … Continue reading

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A Shower of Sham-Shanti Shamen?

A debate has opened up whether, instead of vaccinating secondary pupils, the UK should send more Covid vaccines to India, in the light of the alarming and growing spread of Covid there by over 400,000 new cases each day. While … Continue reading

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