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This Scuppered Isle

Three days on and the enormity of what happened on June 23rd still has not registered in all its implications either with me or the population at large. The jubilation shown by Brexiteers at counting stations appears to have evaporated … Continue reading

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Toys Out the Pram; Bums Oot the Windae

I join over 15m voters in their varied disappointment on waking this morning to discover that Britain has voted to leave the EU. That’s about as sober a statement as I can manage right now. Because I am bealing, furious, … Continue reading

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Quis Docebit ipsos Doctores?

Actually, at school, I hated Latin. The relevance of dead languages was even less clear to me than that of calculus. But I was blessed with teachers who knew how to ignite thrawn teenage imagination and instill a heady mix … Continue reading

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Trump des Willens?

By James Kirchick, Washington Post, 9th June 2016 Republican leaders who support Trump are modern-day Neville Chamberlains With the rise of Trump, the party obsessed with the lessons of appeasement is now replicating his same exact mistakes. American conservatives are … Continue reading

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Brexit is an empire-era trick. Only the radical case for Europe makes sense – in The Guardian

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
‘Sovereignty is dear to our hearts. We reject the notion that Britain must settle for diminished sovereignty as the price of global influence.’  Referendums can throw up some odd bedfellows. But there is nothing odd…

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