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Scotland Is Not Just Geography

It was Henry de Bohun who changed history catching, as he did, Robert de Brus out in front of his army at Bannockburn on a light palfrey. Despite de Brus’s glancing blow with his battle axe, de Bohun’s helmet held … Continue reading

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My friends wonder why any intelligent Scot would vote Yes

Delighted to see a level of debate that rises above the doom-and-gloom gutter into which Better Together and its Westminster apologists keep trying to drag the debate on the most important decision of our lives.

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Derek Bateman: Open Letter to MEPs on EU

I had intended giving readers of this blog a rest from ear-bashing over this season of good will. That has been scuppered (again) by articulate, pertinent points made by Derek Bateman in his incisive questioning of the loyalties of some … Continue reading

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