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Ich Bin Ein Amerikaner

This week, Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address was countered by a rebuttal from the Democrats in the form of  Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts, who made an eloquent and passionate speech, made more symbolic coming from … Continue reading

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Third Degree Burns

It’s that time of year when function suites and community halls from Annan to Zetland are packed out with revellers tucking into their haggis and looking forward to a dram or three to accompany witty speakers. And why not? Late … Continue reading

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A Year in Trumptopia

We call Scotland a “small” country. But it is diverse: a Borders farmer; a Buchan fisherman, a Bara crofter, a Glesca bauchle differ ;ile chalk and cheese, even as they are are Scots. No wonder, then, that the USA—at some … Continue reading

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Galloway’s Pier

A hundred years ago an era came to an end in the Forth when was forced the Admiralty to declare the Firth of Forth a Controlled Area and a highly successful 1914 steamer season was brought to an abrupt end. … Continue reading

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Not Such a Capital Idea

I have always been a booster for Edinburgh as a city: a walkable, architecturally inspired romp across panoramic hill and architectural dale that encourages exploration. City fathers of yore discharged their duty of care well, although some choices— as when … Continue reading

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