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The Budget as Window Dressing

John Swinney may be Scotland’s best politician. He displays neither the presence nor the delivery of charismatic leadership but he is, for many, the embodiment of “a safe pair of hands”. He comes across as an old style bank manager, … Continue reading

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Just back from a tour of sundry airports, it is hard not to be struck by the differences between airports in Britain and those countries who take air travel seriously, such as the USA. Scotland is particularly ill-served, having a … Continue reading

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Time to Learn Mandarin

山雨欲来风满楼 (shān yǔ yù lái fēng mǎn lóu) “Coming events cast their shadows before them“ Coming to the end of ten days in and around San Francisco, I am struck by how much the old place has changed. This 74th … Continue reading

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Patrician Politics

It would seem that, having led his party to multiple unpredicted victories before having the grace to fall on his sword when he failed to clear the final hurdle of the Independence Referendum, the political death of His Eckness has … Continue reading

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Wha’s Like Us?

Being in a far-flung corners furth of Scotland for the last week (Glendale AZ; Sonoma CA) the marking and portent of St Andrew’s Day had slipped by me until somebody tweeted a link to Stephen Daisley’s OpEd column for STV … Continue reading

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America’s Higher Education Brought Low

Rarely accused of being conservative (big or small ‘c’), reading George Will is not my natural territory. Being in agreement with him is even more of a stretch. But being in the Land of the FGree just now, I found … Continue reading

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