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35: Who Cares?

To Haddington with my three opponents for a grilling (even if not billed as a hustings) at the hands of Carers of East Lothian (CEL). In short speeches, we made various points—that the care system would collapse without volunteer carers, … Continue reading

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Some Endorsements

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36: Alex for President

Last night, the first of the ‘Presidential’ leaders’ debates on STV was neither decisive nor the kind of riveting television that will spark political interest among the wider public. But press consensus (and not just my opinion) is that Mr … Continue reading

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37: Vocal for Vocational

Having served twelve years on an Education Committee and been at more parent councils/boards than I’ve had hot school dinners I know how parents value excellent schools and opportunities they give their children. Laudable stuff, especially when they are themselves … Continue reading

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38: New Home; New Hope

Having been on a number of doorsteps, the ones that I find most discouraging are not the solid Labour or Tory supporters—firstly they are generally polite, secondly they now have a haunted look in their eye and thirdly there aren’t … Continue reading

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39: Solo Gig

One of the blessings of social networking on the internet is the mix of people thrown into contact in a way daily face-to-face life would never do. If you are mostly interested in talking to voters in East Lothian, as … Continue reading

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40 Days to Decide

Now that we’re officially into the campaign, I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed by the rather prickly response of many people if you try to shift into talking politics or by the wide open attitude they have, should you … Continue reading

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41: Alea Jacta Est

Having baled out of its stilted irrelevance at age 14—my earliest chance—my Latin is pretty ropey but I like the ambiguity of this phrase; normally translated as “the die is cast”—with its overtones of hot metal poured into solid moulds—than … Continue reading

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42: Long Haul

East Lothian prides itself on its rolling, rural countryside, dotted with farms and villages. But, hidden away there are also some sizable businesses, like Andrew Black, the hauliers based at the old Drem airfield. This is a family business, based … Continue reading

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An unexpected discovery amidst last Sunday’s blizzard of inserts in the papers was riches indeed: a reprint of Stanley Baxter’s classic Parliamo Glasgow with such essential phrases as ‘zarra‘ as in ‘zarra besyekindae?‘ or ‘goannae’ as in ‘goannaenodaethat?’. Which made … Continue reading

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