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Clearing Away the Past

A prominent feature of the East Lothian shoreline and visible all round the Forth, Cockenzie Power Station spanned half a century. Once an embodiment of the proud coal tradition in the West of the county, it followed on immediately from … Continue reading

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Scottish Learning Festival 2015

Taking over most of Glasgow’s SECC, this two-day event ticks all the right boxes for who’s involved. Its programme ranges far across the issues associated with school education in Scotland, covering topics that tawse-wielding disciplinarians of the mid-20th century—let alone … Continue reading

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Blame the Wrinklies

Before we wade into this blog, disclosure is required: 1) I am a wrinkly, being two years past retirement age and so admit a personal interest in their welfare and; 2) this blog is full of charts and figures. Numerically … Continue reading

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Pole Danzig

Since joining the Union and building the British Empire, Scots have rather forgotten the close ties they once enjoyed with Europe. The ‘Auld Alliance’ with France (forgotten by most French) was the least of it. From the Middle Ages onward, … Continue reading

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It being a particularly bright and clear late summer day and it also being ten days into the media hype surrounding the launch of the Borders Railway (teething troubles ought to be ironed out?) the time seemed propitious to hop … Continue reading

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Calling All Pedants

John Cleese has been able to make me laugh in a huge variety of circumstances ever since my uni studies were regularly interrupted to join a flatful of mates to fall about to Monty Python. Ever wry, if not acid, … Continue reading

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Twa Corbyns

It’s a humble man who makes a speech using the word ‘thank’ 27 times. Such is not the mark of a man of overweening ambition, nor one who aspires to high office. Yet that speech was made as the landslide … Continue reading

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