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Paucity of Esteem

Unnoticed in December’s news flurry of pandemic panics and Boris blunders was an item of importance. On December 21st, all 32 council leaders signed a joint letter to the First Minister, highlighting their belief that local government had again been … Continue reading

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Amo vs Ammo

In America, the gun is big business. At $28bn, it i half th size of the UK Defence budget—which runs nuclear subs, aircraft carriers, an 80,000-man army and the RAF. Given there are more guns than people, the horrifying statistic, … Continue reading

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Rock of Eejits

“Rock of ages, cleft for meLet me hide myself in Thee.” The current intransigence infecting the Republican Party in clinging to the flotsam that remains of the Trump presidency has much deeper roots than Trump’s ego-driven tenure. Their demonising of … Continue reading

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Meet Pesky Blunders of 10 Clowning Street

Unless you’ve been the victim of one of his many jolly japes that pass for policy, it’s hard to dislike Boris Johnson entirely. There is something about his gung-ho gusto, about his head-down bullishness that makes him an effective political … Continue reading

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The Road to Scindy III—Councils As Partners

On Thursday, December 9th, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes will present a budget to the Scottish Parliament. A couple of goodies have been trailed in Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the SNP Conference in November, including a doubling of child benefit from … Continue reading

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