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The Bedrock of England

Down the years, I have spent many a pleasant week visiting friends in Norfolk. At over two hours from London by fastest train, it is mercifully still relatively unspoiled by the explosion of building, crowds and traffic that is London … Continue reading

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The Bottle of Britain

In all this unseemly scrabbling for political lifebelts by the UK government as the  rudderless SS Great Britain rushes ever nearer the Falls of Brexit, there is little manifestation of either the Dunkirk Spirit or the stiff upper lip or … Continue reading

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The Ruth, The Whole Ruth & Nothing but The Ruth

Today’s Prime Ministers Questions did nothing but compound the outrage I already felt over the manner in which any chance of debate on the effect of Brexit legislation on devolution was last night filibustered into oblivion my the government. When … Continue reading

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Blonde Ambition

Thought I am far from the first to see major similarities between the ever-ebullient BoJo and The Donald, there is much more to be learned from the pair of them about modern politics than the PR value of a prominent … Continue reading

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We’re On the Way

Regular readers will know, I am no fan of London’s offering in airports and the services they provide. Fresh from yesterday’s Commons mauling over Northern & GoVia’s inability to run a railroad, UK Transport Minister Chris Grayling will barely have … Continue reading

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Our Clowns Are Back

SOS Puffin is a volunteer project sponsored by the Scottish Seabird Centre which started in 2007. It aims to bring under control the invasive plant tree mallow which had taken over the islands of Craigleith and Fidra, threatening important populations … Continue reading

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