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Senate Intelligence Committee “Torture Report” Findings

This is not for the squeamish. But if you want details just how egregiously cavalier the CIA was in pursuit of ‘terrorism’, this is a digestible synopsis. Fan though I am of the American people this is enough to question … Continue reading

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Getting Your Feet Wet

Just recently, I was asked to give a presentation to a civic group so lively it refused to accept defeat after a decade of bureaucratic foot-dragging by the local council: the Friends of the CC Museum. Founded in a century-old … Continue reading

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Beyond the Beach

And, just in time for your last-minute Christmas scramble—a shopping experience much more pleasant than crowded malls lost amidst acres of tarmac…

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Home from School

I may need to sit down, take a powder or do something radical: it seems I agree with Jim Murphy—something that has real rarity value. Now, unlike many Labour timeservers, Jim is not someone I dismiss. He packs an impressive … Continue reading

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Market, not Manure

“The most beautiful, if not the most romantic village in Scotland” is how Sir Walter Scott described the town of Kelso. Indeed, a visit there is always a pleasure; the town is a friendly streetscape of historic building gathered around … Continue reading

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