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Christie Eleison II

Having had the chance to read and digest yesterday’s release of the Christie Commission report, it seems a useful contribution the scale of the future demand for public services but shies badly away from positing real solutions. Statistics quoted for … Continue reading

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Christie Eleison I

Like it or not, the debate on Public Services is being shaken up today by the publication of the Christie Commission on Future Delivery of Public Services. Having been wrestling with this particular Hydra for the last four years, I … Continue reading

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Some Canna Thole It

The 49 in 50 of Scots who don’t live on an island give the other 1 little thought, as they seldom visit, preferring Lanzarote sun or Ibiza fun, and finding the long journey and inevitable ferry crossing off-putting. Of the … Continue reading

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Atkins Diet for Trams?

I was going to try to content myself with a quick tweet at the emperor’s-clothes insanity about to be laid before Edinburgh City Council next week, anent a writhing can of pythons (possibly Monty but this has gone far beyond … Continue reading

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Stock Car Racing with an Elise

“I want to send a clear message across Defence: reckless spending stops here.” Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP, June 14th 2011. Shows you how little he knows of his brief. The MoD announced today (June 22nd) that it has now … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Baklava

While I make no pretence of being an international financier, much less someone able to predict the actions of foreign governments that operate in another alphabet, my gut now says George Papandreou’s jaikit is on a shoogly nail. Despite cramming … Continue reading

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Youth Employment Advice

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Logic, But Not As We Know It

Star Trek’s Spock was never shy in pointing out illogical decisions made by his erratically human Captain Kirk. But one of the disadvantages of union with England is that we Scots have to thole their batty quirkiness when it comes … Continue reading

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The Hammer Ding-Dong Is the Song

…of (Inver)clyde. Just back from a coast-to-coast day trip to chip in at the Inverclyde by-election. Caused by the untimely death in his forties of Labour MP and ex-priest David Cairns (who changed the rules so an ex-priest could even be … Continue reading

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Even Closer Than I Thought

No sooner had I fired off the preceding EGIP post than I’m off to the station where I find one of two Class 380 trains already in service on the line since the 15th. Definitely a class act, these Siemens-built … Continue reading

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