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Union ‘Dividend’: No’ Like the Co’

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Independent School; Private Politics

Earlier this week there was a flurry of press around a Lloyds/TSB research detailing how fees for private schools had risen by a whopping 63% over the last decade. While I respect the motivation of parents who choose to shell … Continue reading

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Going South North by Northwest

Time was centuries ago that brave explorers in fragile wooden ships probed the bewildering series of ice-bound passages separating the islands of Northern Canada. Unlike the later Antarctic explorers, these were not quests for knowledge but hard-nosed attempts to find … Continue reading

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A Trip to Avalon

Hanging about the local harbour has its charms, especially on a sunny day, such as Sunday was. Sometimes you get to crew one of the fishing boats hauling creels and snag a nice lobster for your troubles. Sometimes it’s more … Continue reading

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Wake Up and Smell MR BO

Much though it may appear an incomprehensible circus of brassy showmanship taking place far away from our lives, the outcome of this year’s US Presidential elections matters. Since post WW2, when the US became a superpower, their political postures—from the Cuba … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Surer…

…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” was a line from a twenties song popular through most of the last century—probably as much for its social commentary as for its musical appeal. It should be coming back into fashion … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Burdz Eye View:
There has been much seizing upon by the Better Together campaign of the Mail on Sunday’s poll results, published yesterday. Not only do the survey findings suggest that support for independence is slipping,…

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Senior Service Needs a Junior Partner

The Royal Navy has prided itself—and not without reason—in having a proud and distinguished tradition, longer even than the British Army. To that end, it continues to have and develop state-of-the-art equipment that will allow it to do its job … Continue reading

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Glorious and Free

Before unionist readers have conniption fits about this being another diatribe about Scottish independence, allow me to point out that the title is the English translation of the Province of Manitoba’s motto: GLORIOSUS ET LIBER. And why should I be citing … Continue reading

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School’s Gone Back: Time for Summer

It has become a cruel tradition in recent years that the weather down our way waits until the schools go back before it rolls out its most summery offerings. This year seems no exception —but at least it had the … Continue reading

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