Let’s Get Radical!

Recent discussion on “the end of PC” has actually been about the demise of the personal computer. But a recent post passed on to me jolted me into thinking that we’re a little too smug with our implementation of political correctness and need to think out of the box more. This was the post:

Let’s put all our pensioners in jail and all our criminals in nursing homes. This way the pensioners would receive:

  • full access to showers, hobbies and walks
  • unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment
  • on balance they’d receive more money than they paid out.
  • constant video monitoring, so they could be helped instantly if they fell, or needed any assistance.
  • their bedding washed twice a week
  • all clothing washed free and returned to them ironed .
  • a guard check on them every 20 minutes
  • their meals and snacks brought to their cell
  • family visits in a suite built for that purpose
  • access to a library, pool and weight room
  • free spiritual counselling, legal aid and education available on request
  • free clothing, shoes, slippers, PJ’s.
  • private, secure rooms for all
  • an outdoor exercise yard, with gardens
  • a PC, TV and radio with free daily phone calls
  • a board of directors to hear any complaints
  • guards who strictly adhered to a code of conduct

The criminals would be left all alone, largely unsupervised and forgotten. Their lights would go off at 8pm and showers would be available only once a week. They’d take every meal of lukewarm food with the same people who kept forgetting their names. And for sleeping in their tiny room and being herded into common spaces throughout the day, they would pay £600 per week with no hope of ever getting out.

(source: The Spectator, 9th July 2011)

About davidsberry

Local ex-councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Retired in 2017.
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