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You’re Georgeous!

Seldom have I seen so many politicos in a tizz, so many journos wrong-footed or so many people who should know better vacillating between doing the headless chicken and venting their spleen over the thumping victory “Gorgeous” George Galloway achieved … Continue reading

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Not Just Pasty-Faced: Unionist Economics Are Peely-Wally Too

This blog having trodden light on politics for a week, its time to wheech the shoes off and climb back into the vat to tread the grapes of math. Those readers squeamish about numeracy may wish to skip this one … Continue reading

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Campbeltown Lock, I Wish You Were History

While this blog tries to be broad in its subjects, once in a while it drifts into indulgence. The pacifists among readers need read no further because this blog will be dedicated to a little-known piece of classic British derring-do, … Continue reading

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Macho White Heffalumps

Ever since The Defence Minister Philip Hammond started backpedalling last week, there has been more than a whiff of panic in the air over the two monster aircraft carriers so beloved by the Lords at the Admirality (as CPO Pertwee … Continue reading

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In Darkest Englandshire

We Scots poke fun at our neighbours quite a bit. And, truth be known, they do deserve it sometimes. One such occasion was the polTroon fest underway this weekend, during which various ‘heavyweight’ spokespersons (applies in particular to Lord Strathclyde … Continue reading

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A-Bashing We Will Go

Down at North Berwick Harbour this morning, I was delighted to find yet another full crew of volunteers preparing to board one the the Seabird Centre RIBs and head out to Craigleith, one kilometer off shore and blighted until recently … Continue reading

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The Man Who Would Be King

Tony Blair has a lot to answer for. Taking nothing away from the vision with which he shook the Labour Party out of its post-Foot slumber and made it electable, there are unsavourary aspects of his legacy with which many … Continue reading

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We Want to Get BACK On

Today’s issue of the Hootsmon has an interesting article from a Devo-Plus advocate Malcolm Fraser who argues Scotland does not need independence to take on more responsibility for its own future. Plausible though many of his arguments are, it is … Continue reading

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England’s Green & Pleasant Land

A recent book by Prof Higgs of Essex University is entitled Identifying the English but it will be of little help in the independence debate as it is all about identity theft since 1500. But one of the major components … Continue reading

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Scotland by Hugh MacDiarmid

As an enjoyable weekend break, I’m at the StAnza festival’s 15th outing and was enjoying St Andrews’ lively atmosphere in term time, delving into various entertainments and thinking I was well clear of politics and motivations to blog. Then I came … Continue reading

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