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Man, You’re Welcome; Now Go Home

One of Scotland’s many blessings is its international reputation, built on many varied and dazzling things but not least on the warmth and welcome of its people. As Billy Wolfe, one-time SNP Leader and inveterate champion of Scotland and its … Continue reading

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If Britain is So ‘Great’…

…how come it rates only 30th in Education in the 2013 Legatum Profile of 140 countries? Top of the class is New Zealand that has 14.5 (vs UK’s 17.5) pupils per teacher, 3.1 (1.5) secondary and 1.5 (0.7) tertiary education … Continue reading

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Black Market Cab

Those of us keen to see Scotland become a normal country are often fast off the mark when it comes to resenting advantages the South-East of England takes to itself (and hangs grimly on to). So it is with pleasant … Continue reading

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Nuclear Zub in Zummerzet?

Two years after the event, no-one has yet penetrated the ruins of what was once the Fukushima nuclear power station and all fifty Japanese nuclear plants remain out of commission until someone comes up with a safety plan. Nonetheless, news … Continue reading

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From Millstone to Milestone

It seems that about 139% of the population of Scotland is delighted that an agreement has been reached over a future for both the INEOS refinery and petrochemical plant. And well everyone should be—as one of the largest and most … Continue reading

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Free Lunch Indigestion

October 9th’s Hootsmon carried a minor tirade from David O’Neill, President of CoSLA and Leader of the Labour administration of North Ayrshire Council in which he asserts that the present freeze on Council Tax in Scotland—in place for the last … Continue reading

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Stop the World: England Wants to Get Off

Around fifty years ago, the Scottish Nationalist (as it was then) Party was a joke to Labour. Ensconced as their MPs and councillors were in political fortress built out of Clyde shipyards, Motherwell steel mills, Fife coal mines and newly … Continue reading

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…As Ithers See Us

The independence debate encompasses cool heads, indifferent ostriches, emotional types and sheer bampots on both sides. But what should bother most Scots is that the bampots seem to be in the ascendency. A cosmopolitan friend in the States with international … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Peaceable Future

This week the UK Parliament’s Defence Committee weighed into the independence debate with their orchestrated contribution to this rising Unionist babble about how crazy any country would be to want out of the UK. The committee said Scots “deserve to … Continue reading

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How to Recruit a Twitterati Lynch Mob

It had been a good couple of days away from it all. Being out of 3G and WiFi has its blessings and spurred a couple of thoughts. So, just to get myself back in the swing of things, for around … Continue reading

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