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Tweedledumb vs. Twaddledee

“Your automobile can be any color you want, as long s it’s black.” —Henry Ford, launching his Model T The candidates for the vacant post of PM made the obligatory brief stop in the colonies when they attended hustings in … Continue reading

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Union Myth-Take 4

“UK will be a high growth, high skills, high wage  economy.” After briefly rising in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, real weekly wages fell back below their 2008 level, as workers came off furlough. This fall in real wages reflects the … Continue reading

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Sturgeon’s Stavka Stays Shtum

Liz Truss appealing to darkest Tunbridge Wells by suggesting any government she led would ignore Nicola Sturgeon is political folly for any unionist.  Over a year ago in May 2021, this site featured a blog entitled “Sturgeons Stavka”, in which … Continue reading

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