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Stranger Scotland; Untied Kingdom: It SSUKs

I am encouraged by rumours of an imminent ‘No’ campaign launch. It is high time that those who claim the present Union is the best of all possible worlds for the Scottish people extended their campaign beyond procedural quibbles and … Continue reading

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Can’t Get There from Here

Readers of a gentle disposition in no mood for a rant—much less an anorak rant—are advised to point their browsers elsewhere. Yesterday I spent the day trying to pull together a coherent picture of public transport in the North Berwick … Continue reading

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In Deep Guano

After years of biting my tongue, I have put myself on our major local charity’s ‘shit list’. This week, East Lothian Council’s new Cabinet approved a paper several years in the making, setting up an arm’s-length North Berwick Harbour Trust … Continue reading

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CoSLA Gets Grumpy

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities is, even by its own admission, something of an anorak organisation. Tucked away in the monolithic glass-and-concrete office blocks trapped between the endless tram works on Haymarket Terrace and the endless trains streaming through … Continue reading

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A Gorgon for Me; A Gorgon for Me

Ed Milliband’s speech on “Defending the Union” given at the South Bank’s Royal Festival Hall on June 7th was, in many ways, long overdue. Despite Tory protestations at being the prime defenders of the United Kingdom (although the ‘Unionist’ part … Continue reading

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EIS empty vessels making a lot of noise

EIS empty vessels making a lot of noise.

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Emancipating the Ladies from Hell

At last the forces of unionism are drawing together something approaching a campaign to save their union. The latest co-ordinated assault in the pages of the Hootsmon involved offsetting Swinney’s announcement of a new tax regime in Scotland by a … Continue reading

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But Don’t Mention the War

It seems that last weekend’s jubilee was a big hit across Germany. Several channels carried coverage and there appears to be a certain fascination with things ‘Englische’. Some touchy Scots find the endemic continental verbal sloppiness between ‘British’ and ‘English’ … Continue reading

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Do You Know Who I Used to Be?

Zero Mostel’s classic line from The Producers had special resonance this weekend. Despite the weather and Philip’s hospitalisation, the jubilee seems to have gone off well and those many enthusiasts well pleased with events. I tried to watch the concert … Continue reading

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Veni; Vidi; Vicar

Andrew Marr is usually good value, especially in the wilderness that is Sunday morning television. This week, despite the crush of Jubilee pressure, he did not disappoint, with a feisty performance against the Prime Minister over Hunt and leading Toynbee … Continue reading

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