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…As Ithers See Us

The independence debate encompasses cool heads, indifferent ostriches, emotional types and sheer bampots on both sides. But what should bother most Scots is that the bampots seem to be in the ascendency. A cosmopolitan friend in the States with international … Continue reading

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‘Big’ and ‘Stupid’ Mean the Same

Recent revelations of the latest fiscal shell-game being played by major multinationals is causing excruciating embarrassment to HM Revenue because it appears they have been taken for a ride by not just one but a whole gamut of major American … Continue reading

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The Sillars Season

Jim Sillars has been a weel kent face in Scottish politics since before he won the Govan by-election for the SNP in 1988 and repeated the wet-fish-in-the-puss-for-Labour act his irrepressible wife Margo MacDonald had achieved 15 years prior. As a … Continue reading

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A Gorgon for Me; A Gorgon for Me

Ed Milliband’s speech on “Defending the Union” given at the South Bank’s Royal Festival Hall on June 7th was, in many ways, long overdue. Despite Tory protestations at being the prime defenders of the United Kingdom (although the ‘Unionist’ part … Continue reading

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62: Genteel Revolutionaries

The rarified rooms of the Royal Society in George Street are a perfect setting for the David Hume lectures and a perfect antidote to the brawling good cheer of All Bar One across the road. This month, the lecture was … Continue reading

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