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24: The Future’s So Bright…

…we gotta wear shades! Or, at least that’s what you might have thought this weekend right across the county. It wasn’t just that Dunbar, North Berwick and Gullane were mobbed, with High Street pavements and car parks choked and beaches … Continue reading

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You Heard It Here First

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25: Sunshine on the Righteous

Sent home by a friend last night for almost falling asleep as we discussed our day over a glass. In a distance event like an election, you have to pace yourself and I’ve been cutting the sleep short. But on as … Continue reading

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26: What Has Been Done for Our Kids?

In ELC, the SNP has been very conscious of the high value set by residents on the excellent education available in its schools and has set much store in continuing that tradition. In each of the last three budgets, spending … Continue reading

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27: Parliamo Politico VII

Let’s Talk Pencil-Pusher: Lesson VII—Vocabulary (Seventh of a series, translating bureaucrat-speak into what it means for folk in East Lothian) Continue: Usually heard in committee meetings, continuing simply means delaying any decision until the next meeting. It can mean some … Continue reading

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28: Going Down

I finally get it: Labour is Wile E. Coyote. In every cartoon, he’s so furiously engaged in the chase on his latest Acme gizmo it’s only when he’s out over the canyon floor far below that he realises the support … Continue reading

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R They 4 Real?

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29: Going Mobile

Today’s Hootsmon carries a piece that seems an attempt to find evil where none exists, by accusing council workers of being “on the gravy train with a council phone”.. East Lothian tops the table by having 38% of employees with … Continue reading

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30 Days to Decide…

That’s exactly one month. That’s far fewer than the number of times the Labour opposition on ELC voted against the interests of residents: not to freeze council tax; not to build >1,000 houses; not to put more teachers in P1-P3; … Continue reading

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31: Some Mothers…

In the aftermath of the Distaffinada blog two days ago, I have been musing about Mothers’ Day. When Mothers’ Day (still also known as ‘Mothering Sunday’) started, it had nothing to do with Mothers: it was a Christian festival, to … Continue reading

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