30 Days to Decide…

  • That’s exactly one month.
  • That’s far fewer than the number of times the Labour opposition on ELC voted against the interests of residents: not to freeze council tax; not to build >1,000 houses; not to put more teachers in P1-P3; not to review ASC services; not to boost recycling; not to provide extra police; not to provide wardens; not to investigate the CE’s £149,000 payoff.
  • That’s the size of most primary school classes we inherited from Labour
  • That’s just a bit larger than the drop in East Lothian crime rates (actually 26%)
  • That’s barely twice the size of extra police (6) and wardens (7) provided in the county to achieve that.
  • That’s half of the cumulative council tax rise while Labour was in power (60%).
  • That used to be the number of ‘blocked beds’ for discharge from NHS hospitals; the number now is zero.
  • That’s twice the number of council houses completed across Scotland by Labour (and one tenth of what the SNP is on track to deliver in ELC alone by this year).
  • That’s the average monthly reduction in ELC employee numbers since 2009, so far without any forced redundancies.
  • That’s the miles of unspoiled coastline we have to offer our many tourists
  • It’s also the furthest they need travel from Edinburgh to enjoy any of it.
  • That used to be the recycling rate when the SNP took over ELC. Now it’s 42%.

Rainbow over Bass Rock

    About davidsberry

    Local ex-councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Retired in 2017.
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