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15: Down at the Roots

Our beautiful coast and endless vistas on the Lammermuirs are key parts of our identity but what makes East Lothian so photogenic is our rolling countryside, tended and cropped for centuries by our local farmers. And it’s a varied crop; although … Continue reading

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16: Double Dicker

East Lothian likes to see itself as a cut above many other places. But one area where locals think it comes nearer the bottom of the league is in bus services. To some extent, this isn’t fair. The two main … Continue reading

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17: Not What It Used to Be

Delighted as I am by the MORI poll this weekend that put the SNP ahead of Labour (55 vs 49 seats) for the first time in this contest, what seems far more telling is a series of major cracks in … Continue reading

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18: Won’t Get Fooled Again

Having met more people yesterday than any other single day so far, the liveliest chats were around the SNP’s ambitious policy to convert to green energy by 2020. But my concern is less whether that can be done and more … Continue reading

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19: The Right Question

Met an eighteen-year-old and a ninety-four-year-old yesterday who co-incidentally asked me the same question within an hour of one another: Why should I vote for you? Two decades trying to represent the place and you’d think I’d have the answer … Continue reading

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20: Manifesto Destiny

In 1845, during the Polk administration, America coined the term ‘Manifest Destiny‘ as a rallying cry for its vision of becoming a world-class power stretching from Atlantic to Pacific. Still absorbing the massive 1803 Louisiana Purchase, in 1848 the US … Continue reading

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21: Narrowing the Field

Ever since nominations closed earlier in the month, we have known that only the four ‘main’ parties are contesting East Lothian. This is the narrowest choice that voters have had in decades and many people who favour one of the … Continue reading

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22: Decidedly Undecided

Call me a cynic but when MORI or anyone else runs a poll that generates headlines that the Judean People’s Front is 15 points behind, or whatever, I fetch the bulk salt dispenser from the kitchen and wash the results … Continue reading

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23: Round 4 (ding!)

The fourth East Lothian hustings was organised by the Association of Churches in North Berwick and very well hosted by the Abbey Church, with Dunbar’s Rev Lawrence Twaddle in the chair. In keeping with last year’s success, again 80 people … Continue reading

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