78: Hootsmon, It’s Times

I’ve made no secret of my belief that independence offers the best future for everyone in Scotland, irrespective of their origins. I’m happy to take my lumps in debate on this—and debate there needs to be. But when once-great giants of the Scottish media suppress key contributions to that debate, you start to wonder whose interest they have at heart.

Today the Times carries a front-page banner: “Salmond Surges into Holyrood Poll Lead” and devotes a double-page analysis inside from the ever-insightful Angus MacLeod and Prof. John Curtice on what a new Ipsos MORI poll may mean. You’d be hard pressed to know any of this from the Hootsmon, which buries it in a single text column beside a colourful two-page spread on impeding disaster facing our roads.

The poll makes alarming reading for whoever is leading Labour’s campaign. Not only have they slumped from a ten-point lead to a two-point defecit but half again as many people are ‘satisfied’ with Alex Salmond as leader and less than half as many say they ‘don’t know’ about him, as compared to Labour’s leader.

Source: Ipsos Mori Poll in The Times, Feb 16th 2011

This underscores that this election is wide open for SNP or Labour to win. This should make interesting reading for all those voters (our data says maybe the majority) who have broken their habit of blind party loyalty and are there to be persuaded by someone who will engage with them on real issues relevant to them.

The Times (subscription required) The Hootsmon (nae jaikit required) Herald

New Statesman

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