80 Days to Decide

Plenty of time, then, in which to make up your mind. Perhaps a table of comparison between the two main contenders—Labour and SNP—at our local council level would help. After all, Labour had long experience running this county for thirty years before losing it to “inexperienced enthusiasts” in 2007.

Table 80-1: Lab/SNP Council Comparison

Well, Labour didn’t come off very well in that comparison. But then, they may have been jaded after so long in power. Surely in our new Scottish Parliament, Labour, having had eight years working with a partner and now, after four years of opposition will be bursting with energy and ideas. That’s summarised  here:

Table 80-2 Government Issues Comparison

Worse yet! How can a party bidding for government be so devoid of ideas, let alone how to fund them, with only 80 days left to cobble something credible together?

John Swinney on Apprenticeships

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2 Responses to 80 Days to Decide

  1. Candy says:

    David is clear, the SNP deliver and don’t make the empty promises of the Labour years. The SNP, I think, can do even more in a second term at Holyrood.

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