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The Scottish independence referendum has shown that the best and fairest way to make crucial political decisions is an open public debate followed by a democratic vote.

In accordance with the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia and the Catalan Popular Consultation Act, the Catalan Parliament has decided to hold a non-binding vote to consult Catalan citizens on whether Catalonia should become an independent state. Under the mandate of Parliament and in compliance with these laws, the President of the Generalitat (the Catalan head of government) has called for the vote on November 9.

Despite the lawful and legitimate decisions by the Catalan institutions and the wide support among the Catalan population (between 75-80% according to various polls), the Spanish government is adamantly opposed to this vote on that or any future date, and it is determined to stop it at all costs.

Spain is repressing the efforts of a significant part of Catalonia’s population to have a referendum much as Scotland just held whether it should remain a province of Spain or become an independent country. An on-line petition is seeking support for this and can be found at:

What impressed me about the short form you fill in is that their country pull-down menu included Scotland. The English text of the petition you would be signing is as follows:

We firmly support the right of the citizens of Catalonia to be consulted about the political status of their country in a free and fair vote. Whether Catalonia remains a part of the Spanish state or becomes an independent and sovereign state is a decision that need only be taken by the Catalan population.

We therefore entreat all interested parties to facilitate the holding of a vote, where all adult Catalan citizens, without distinction of gender, age, creed or origin should be allowed to express freely their preference on whether Catalonia should or should not become an independent state.

We believe that the option chosen by the majority of Catalans should be accepted by all parties and the international community, as a democratic expression of the will of the Catalan people.

Thus, we petition to support the holding of this vote and to make all necessary efforts to ensure that its result is respected in accordance with the most fundamental principles of democracy.

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