Ma Faither’s Howff (Revisited)

With the council budget planning season now upon us and the pips starting to squeak badly as Osbo’s Os-terity bites ever deeper into their allocation, it’s time to rethink the ~20% that comes from Council Tax. Labour has revived the idea of a ‘mansion tax’ but that needs to be applied fairly as part of a rebanding, such as was proposed in this blog from exactly two years ago.


This morning on BBC Scotland’s GMS, there was an unedifying interview with James Kelly MSP, Labour’s whip at Holyrood. In five minutes, James managed to display every bad trait for which his party has become notorious: evasiveness, posturing concern for the vulnerable, lack of ideas and a dogged debate style like he was reading off a script consisting of six words at most.

But, to be fair to him, one point he stuck to but which became lost in his partisan posture was that Holyrood will suffer cuts at least until 2016 and we need a debate how we are going to face them. His party’s contribution, trailed by Johan Lamont earlier in the week, is we need to revisit a range of free services currently provided, mostly to the elderly because “why should people with six-figure incomes receive them?”

A curious point as it was Labour who set them…

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