Redefining Security and Intelligence in an independent Scotland

The debate on defence has gone all quiet, perhaps because anyone comparing the costs to Scots of expensive ego-toys (like nukes, global bases, aircraft carriers, etc,) to the threadbare defence we actually get sees the fiscal ineptitude behind the MoD’s present posture.
But the unionist case about security and counter-terrorism is made just as seldom—and is equally in need of debunking, as here.

A Thousand Flowers

A Guest Post by Cosmopolitan Scum

Military and intelligence stories have been all over the news recently. Be it indiscriminate eavesdropping programs, WMD infrastructure, or our impending doom at the hands of terrorists if we vote “yes”, there is a common denominator in the statements of the high heid yins: these are issue for the big boys, the role set out for the rest of us is to cower in fear and not to hurt our wee brains trying to understand. In the independence debate, we are warned that an independent Scotland is going to be overrun by terrorists, disastrously cyber-attacked, or run out of money trying to prevent these disasters from happening. The catalyst of the recent wave of scare stories is a report by a bunch of military and intelligence insiders,  the crowd treated in the mainstream media as holding an exclusive grasp of the serious issue…

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