Getting the Message

As a few blogs have tried to explain over the last few weeks, the election ‘across the pond’ in America is, as Bones might have put it “politics, Jim—but not as we know it”. Therefore it was helpful to discover on Facebook an attempt to translate some of the more esoteric poster messages seen during the 2012 campaign.

Much was made of mudslinging (in which the media joined in) so that little policy was aired

Because of its size, American grasp of events & history elsewhere is poor, especially among Republicans

The corollary of Republicans being such a white middle class ghetto is a variety of racism that verges on the innocent.

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Local ex-councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Retired in 2017.
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4 Responses to Getting the Message

  1. An American In A Foreign World says:

    I see your understanding of “across the pond” is no better than most people over here when they are asked about things of importance to the Euro side of the pond. Glad to see it doesn’t hinder the knack for empty and worthless insults thrown at those who are effected by our politics, though.

    • davidsberry says:

      That’s more of an insult than a comment. Since we all need to learn, would you care to be more specific?

    • rehume says:

      Hi AAIAFW,
      I’m from over here on your side of the pond. I’ve been following Mr. Berry only a little while, but I think if you look back through his posts, you’ll see he has warm regard for America and more than a few friends here. In fact, I think he blogged about having actually been over here during the election (I was wondering how he had such good access to our coverage — that would certainly explain it!). I personally feel that commenting on a person’s blog just to spout anger is a waste of that blogger’s time; and yet, he was polite enough to ask you to elaborate despite your vitriol.
      Can you answer his question? What about the post and his comments do you consider inaccurate? I live in a red state where the education level is atrocious — we have voting-aged people who cannot read, here, and do not educate themselves regarding political goings-on; sadly, the signs on the left would resonate heavily with many in my community. As for me, the signs on the right make a bit more sense. I’ll elaborate if you will.

      • davidsberry says:

        Appreciate your contribution to the debate. I spent Oct 24th-Nov 6th trying to come up to speed on the election on both coasts (Philadelphia & San Francisco areas), plus I had similar visits to study the 2004 & 2008 elections. I had lived in California 1977-1993. I accept that the pics are harsh on the Republicans but they have few friends in Europe.

        I hope AAIAFW bothers to respond to one or other of us.

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