The sheer hypocrisy of opposition leaders falling over themselves to find some mud to sling at Salmond when their own party High Heid Yins schmoozed Murdoch for years verges on the breathtaking. #cheekan’impitence!

Auld Acquaintance

I commented yesterday about the lack of any evidence of Alex Salmond behaving inappropriately or corresponding improperly with Murdoch.
Assumption and allegation of impropriety based on nothing but speculation are worthless, particularly when there is concrete evidence of endeavors to promote Scotland and Scottish jobs in hte form of the letter written by Alex Salmond to James Murdoch on the 25th of January 2011, two weeks prior to the internal emails of News International advisor revealed yesterday.

Today, for anyone who cared to watch, Johann Lamont made a total mess of her accusations against the First Minister, and she was seen off accordingly. Ruth Davidson chose Trump rather than Murdoch for her subject, and we are still trying to work out what was the purpose of her question?

BBC News tonight, again went completely over the top in reporting events in a manner which bore no semblance of truth to…

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