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The First Shall Be Last

Last week, the Edinburgh Evening News broke the story that FirstBus (Scotland East) was going to withdraw roughly half the service it currently runs in East and Mid-lothian. Having worked with First through EL Council and seen the thick end … Continue reading

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NATO no Tenet on OTAN

I’m a follower of Burdzeyeview because said Burd has a deft habit of spearing keys issues of the day with insightful comment—thereby roping in a fair number of informed people to comment on them and generally advance the issue, even … Continue reading

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It Was 20 Years Ago Today

No, not the Beatles track (that one was actually 45 years ago now) but, in displaying my anorak tendencies in spades, I fess up  to having just spent a housework day half-watching BBC Parliament’s 12-hour-long  marathon rebroadcast of the 1992 … Continue reading

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“I Can See How One Might Be Stirred Up”

How unfortunate that such empathetic insight as displayed by the Rev Beeb in Forster’s “A Room with a View” is not echoed by the mighty Auntie Beeb when it comes to allowing democratic voice to its Scottish license-payers. As outlined … Continue reading

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Why Far Away is Close to Home

Oakland, California is 8 time zones or 5,000 miles from Scotland and, as it seldom registers on our screens unless the Raiders make it to the Superbowl, is seen to have little relevance. Oakland does not have the profile of … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Out

Hard of the heels of our discussions on both advisability of the UK attempting to build new aircraft carriers for a global role it can’t afford (see Macho White Heffalumps from March 26th) and the hubris of empire over islands … Continue reading

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