You Choose—

Two very different quotes regarding Scottish independence from viewpoints furth of Scotland came to light this week.

One, from a Tory grandee—whose party prides itself as emblematic of tea with crumpets, cricket on village greens and jolly good shows; that has consistently expressed views we have interwoven history and culture; that Scotland benefits greatly from being part of the UK; that we’re “stronger together” and “punch above our weight” so we can jointly “be a force in the world” as “the most successful partnership the world has seen”.

The other, a representative of the Russian bear—whose country brought the world autocratic Csars, communist revolution, gulags. Josef Dughailovitch Stalin, the Katyn massacre, human wave attacks, the Cold War/Iron Curtain, institutionalised nomenklatura cronyism, mutually assured destruction, Afghan invasions, Ilyushin “Bear” bomber intrusions into our airspace and broke Italy’s monopoly on mafioso behaviour.

Which do you think would be the more understanding and naturally make the better friend to Scotland? You may choose, based on quotes this week from two senior representatives of their respective organisations:

“If Scotland were left undefended as a result of acquiring independence, the enemies of England could use it as a base from which to launch air raids over the border. If that were to happen, England would have no choice but to bomb Scottish Glasgow and Edinburgh airports in order to defend itself.”

–former Solicitor-General for Scotland Lord Fraser of Carmyle

“Russia has a consulate-general in Edinburgh which organises a large number of cultural events. Russian ships call at Scottish ports and Moscow will maintain ties with Edinburgh in the future. As regards the referendum, it’s a domestic affair. In accordance with the Helsinki Agreement, European frontiers are inviolable unless the parties concerned rule otherwise. The British government has given its consent to hold a referendum on the independence of Scotland.”

–Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking to the lower house of the Russian parliament.

Time, perhaps, to reconsider who we Scots regard as friends more in the light of how much they are behaving as such.

About davidsberry

Local ex-councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Retired in 2017.
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