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Brothers in Spirit, Not Deeds

Despite my mother’s best royalist efforts, I have long been a Republican—a state of affairs reinforced by 15 years among our American cousins who have built a pretty impressive country on the proposition that anyone can be anything they choose. … Continue reading

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Raising the Game

Over to the closest yellow splodge of the new map for the pleasant task of convening the AGM of the Midlothian Council SNP Group (currently in opposition) and re-elect office bearers to replace Colin Beattie who turned a Labour ‘stronghold’ … Continue reading

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Part of the Team

With the first weekend since the election divided between various celebrations and a sleep recovery programme, I have now had a week to take stock and the bouyant mood it has put me in surprises me some, especially as I … Continue reading

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Letter of Thanks

The following letter of thanks to the voters of East Lothian was published in the local papers today. I would also add thanks to all those who read this blog during the campaign and hope you found the content relevant … Continue reading

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Medieval Management

Among the laudable intentions of the newly minted SNP Government is to tackle an institution that controls over half of Scotland—the Crown Estate. The half that they control is one that people have paid little attention to until recently: the … Continue reading

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Celebrating History

On the evening of Friday May 6th, once the magnitude of the election results started to sink in, an SNP celebration event at Edinburgh’s Jam House was just the job to mingle with MSPs and activists and share the elation … Continue reading

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Still Can’t Decide

Spent the weekend participating in well earned local celebrations of the stunning election results but also attending a major national hoolie at the Jam House and the photo-op gathering of all 69 SNP MSPs at Holyrood on Saturday. There is … Continue reading

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So Near…

…and yet so far. After a nine-month campaign in which the team pulled out all the stops (including this blog and other social networking tools) it came down to the wire and a bundle recount which confirmed the result as … Continue reading

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Despite predictions of rain, the day starts propitiously bright, if cloudy. After nine months of campaigning since  selection in August, it has been probably the most engaging, exciting and exhausting period of my life, far exceeding insane 60-hour weeks in … Continue reading

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1: Ignition!

It’s hard not to get excited by headlines like “SNP on Course for Landmark Victory” (STV website), especially on the eve of the poll itself. As a launchpad, it’s hard to whack. If this were indeed the proportion voting for … Continue reading

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