So Near…

…and yet so far. After a nine-month campaign in which the team pulled out all the stops (including this blog and other social networking tools) it came down to the wire and a bundle recount which confirmed the result as Gray: 12,536 and Berry: 12,385 or a majority of 151. It’s early in the morning after a long campaign so little energy remains to either analyse these results or to get mad at coming so close withour succeeding.

But the real story of the night is the SNP landslide that criss-crossed the entire country with seats taken from Tories, Lib-Dems and most especially Labour. What we have here is nothing short of comeuppance—a drubbing for Labour for treating the electorate like so many mindless pawns and droning on as if refighting 2010

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6 Responses to So Near…

  1. Karen white says:

    Aww so close!! Next time I hope I get to help from the beginning 🙂

  2. Candy says:

    Dave well done. You worked hard and ran a good campaign. The result does not reflect the real victory for the SNP in East Lothian, but you had a very deserved fantastic result this morning.

  3. Mum with a memory says:

    Just think Dave. You might have won if only you hadn’t upset all of those mums with your ‘on yer bike’ attitude!

  4. So far says:

    I am left wondering why the swing in East Lothian was smaller than almost anywhere else in Scotland?
    Anyone else asking the same question yet?

    • davidsberry says:

      Nobody else has raised it within my hearing.

      It was the sixth-smallest swing to the SNP but also the biggest SNP vote in Scotland that did not win a seat and the share increase of 10.7% was average. A smaller-than-average swing is because Labour apparently pulled in resources to get their vote out, as evidenced by the 4.5% increase in their own vote share and higher turnout. Swing is half the difference between the change in percentage of vote and will be smaller the more equal the numbers are.

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