95: In His Own Write

Interesting interview of my erstwhile opponent by Colin Donald in today’s Sunday Herald (http://www.heraldscotland.com:80/business/markets-economy/gray-s-blueprint-1.1082576), not least because of what he says about himself:

“…one of the reasons we had not done as well as we would have hoped in 2007 was that in our eight years in government (Labour) had become a bit managerial in terms of how we tried to deliver. We had allowed our relationships with wider Scotland to atrophy.”

His economic vision is expressed in reactive terms: “reversing alleged SNP failures on transport projects like the Glasgow Airport Rail Link, which (I) pledge to restore, along with the air Route Development Fund, reintroduction of transitional rates relief for business, scrapping the Scottish Futures Trust and taking its functions in house”.

He pledges to “unblock the pipeline of public-sector infrastructure projects whose turning off by the SNP, allegedly on ideological grounds, (I) blame for the loss of £2 billion of infrastructure spending and 40,000 construction jobs over the last three years.” As Colin Donald observes: “One cause of that “ideological” opposition—Labour’s use of PFI to keep massive public liabilities off the books while funnelling grotesque profits to favoured contractors—goes unremarked.”

In this closely observed piece, Colin Donald’s analysis seems measured and fair: “No doubt Iain Gray is a highly competent Scottish Labour politician, his integrity and steel acknowledged by friend and foe. The question is whether Scotland’s faltering economic performance requires bolder measures than he – on the surface, at least – appears to be offering.”

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1 Response to 95: In His Own Write

  1. Kevan Gordon says:

    While it defies belief that you will need any luck, i am happy to offer my support. How a vote from anyone in Scotland could land in the lap of either the Cons, or the Dems, boggles the mind. That leaves only Labour as an alternative to the SNP. Stop and think for minute who, while languishing in the boom-times, didn’t, while encouraging us all to, put a few £ away for that overdue rainy day. It may be the constant claim of the Con-Dems that their current hacking cuts are a result of the mess that Labour left. It has hard not to agree with them in part.

    We know where the Conservative voters live. They are a non-party in Scotland.

    We cannot vote for the Lib-Dems while they buckle and cave in to the Cons. They will promise one thing and then go back on it when a whiff of power comes their way.

    We should not vote Labour simply because they are the ‘other main party’. Look where they have left us.

    Scottish Conservatives, with no voice in Scotland and with London-based management. No thanks!

    Scottish Liberal Democrats, in bed with the above and with London-based management. No thanks!

    Scottish Labour, responsible for the mess we are in, with a pathetic leader and no suitable candidates to replace him and with London-based management. NO THANKS!

    The SNP is the ONLY party that has the interest of SCOTLAND at heart. The SNP is the ONLY party in SCOTLAND that does not bow to a London-based management.

    Vote for Scotland, Vote SNP.

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