How would you build a nation?

The Burd is no stranger to nailing the Zeitgeist but anyone on the swither about whether Scots should run their own affairs reading this won’t get fiscal stats why we’ll be better off. But they will get lump-in-my-throat-pride at being Scots.
The only obvious omission from her uplifting list is a scribe whose passion lucidly articulates how a nation can better itself. But the Burd is too modest to list herself.

A Burdz Eye View

If you had the chance, how would you build a nation? What qualities would you want your people and communities to have?

Courage, certainly. To decide in a split second that the right response, the human response to extreme adversity is to turn and face it, not run from it. Just as Jim Murphy MP did when he found himself passing the Clutha bar in Glasgow just as a terrible incident occurred. He could have stayed in his car, called 999 and waited for help to arrive. Instead, he and others, acted to save others, walking into an unknown situation, compelled to do so by some unbidden sense of duty and willing to set aside notions of risk in order to help people in need.

Also, prescience of mind. The ability to make a judgement call and make the right one. Thus, it was not enough for Edward Waltham to…

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