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Two Scottish broadsheet Sunday papers, two quite different splashes. But they share a theme. The Sunday Herald’s front page story tells of the Scotland Office sitting on internal government files relating to devolution.…

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Education as Political Football

Currently, politicians are getting stick for appearing to prefer squabbling to getting things done. While this can been seen as simplistic and not showing understanding of how democracy works, there is nonetheless much truth in the accusation. Because what they … Continue reading

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Where Hell Froze Over

The year 2012 will be remembered  for unusual weather. Sunny Dunny was drenched, Stonehaven flooded, Assynt suffered an unheard-of drought and much of England is still so sodden any new rain simply runs off. North of us was unusual too … Continue reading

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“We make out of the quarrel with others, politics, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry” —W.B. Yeats The previous post is a re-blog from Mute Swan with which I was particularly impressed because it asked politicians to rethink their … Continue reading

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Dear politicians and political types

Dear politicians and political types. I find myself pretty much in sympathy with the sentiments expressed in this blog and, since I have a public affiliation to the SNP, acknowledge ALL parties have suffered some erosion of moral anchors afflicting them … Continue reading

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Two Peoples, Separated by a Common Language

Although a phrase coined by the ever-observant Mark Twain to describe why the Americans and British were forever misunderstanding each other, despite both, in theory, sharing the same English, the phrase jumped to mind as I watched Simon Heffer’s New … Continue reading

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Ten of the Best

For all our readers, whether regular or no, thanks for your interest in this blog over the last twelve months. The hope is that it entertained and stimulated your thinking. In truly democratic fashion, a ranked list of the top … Continue reading

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